Enrollment in NROTC Unit Arizona State University

Do you want to join NROTC at ASU in Fall 2013?

If yes, this page is for you. 


  • Scholarship Student - someone who has already received a NROTC scholarship
  • College Program Student - someone who has not received a NROTC scholarship


1.   Be a native or naturalized US Citizen

2.   Be enrolled full time at Arizona State University

3.   Have at least 6 Fall/Spring Semesters (3 years) left before graduation with a bachelor's degree at the time of NROTC enrollment

  • If you plan on graduating before May of 2016, you may not enroll in our unit.  Please contact a Navy or Marine Corps officer recruiter.

4.   Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. This applies to all students, including high school students as well as those who have attended ASU or Community College.

5.  Be less than 27 yrs old on Dec. 31st of the year you plan on graduating with your Bachelor's Degree, complete all NROTC training requirements, and be commissioned *

6.  Be physically qualified

  • pass a DODMERB physical (scholarship students)**
  • pass a Sports physical (college program students) 

7.   Complete and turn in the required forms before 2400 AZ time on July 31, 2013.

8.   College program students must also complete the College Program Interview by 1200 August 9, 2013. Marine Option midshipmen contact Major Velasco at maroffinst@asu.edu to schedule an in-person interview. Navy Option midshipmen contact LT Ternes at nrotc@asu.edu or CDR Schmidt at erich.schmidt@asu.edu to schedule the interview.***

9.   Provide Dorm Room assignment (Campus, Dorm Building, Room Number) to nrotc@asu.edu to facilitate early move-in (Saturday 10 August).

10.   Participate in Freshman/New Student Orientation for NROTC. (See details about the orientation under the "Orientation" section.)

*Those with prior or current active duty in the Armed Forces may be granted age waivers equal to the number of months served.  However, the maximum age waiver allowable is 3 years - meaning you must complete NROTC training before the year in which you turn 30.  Please contact us if you have questions regarding this.

**Students who applied but did not receive the four-year scholarship and hav e the DODMERB medical qualification letter, may submit this letter in place of the Sports Physical.

***Please note that although an in-person interview is preferable, exceptions will be made for students who are out of state.

Required Forms to sign up for NROTC  (found at the bottom of the page)

All students who have attended ASU prior to Fall 2013 must submit an up-to-date unofficial ASU transcript

Scholarship Students

  1.      Complete and turn in the gender specific Uniform Sizing Sheet*

College Program Students

  1.      Complete and turn in the gender specific Uniform Sizing Sheet*
  2.      Complete and turn in the NROTC College Program Application (CNET 1522/21)
  3.      Have a doctor perform a sports physical and complete the Report of Medical History (DD 2807-1)

* We highly recommend going to a tailor to have measurements taken for accurate fitting uniforms. Often times, they will be done free of charge or for a minimal fee.

Completed forms can be submitted in one of the following ways:

  •      scanned and emailed to jesse.christman@asu.edu
  •      returned in person to the Social Sciences building room 227 on the Tempe campus
  •      faxed to 480-965-8310

College Program Interviews

College program students are required to conduct a personal interview with an active duty staff member prior to enrollment.  These interviews can be conducted in person or over the telephone as the situation warrants.  All interviews must be accomplished by 1200 (AZ time) on Friday, 9 August.  In order to schedule an appointment for an interview, contact Mr. Christman.


All NROTC students are required to register for three classes (a class, lab and PT).

NROTC Class 'Freshman' 4/C or 'Sophomore'  3/C  
Required Class NAV 101 Introduction to Naval Science  

Required Lab

Required PT

NAV 194 Naval Leadership Lab

NAV 194 Naval Physical Training


If you plan on graduating before May 2016, you will not be admitted to the NROTC program. Minimum participation is 6 Fall and Spring semesters (3 years).

Contact us at nrotc@asu.edu if you have any questions.


Site last updated: 02 July 2013

Required Forms

Unofficial ASU Transcript - If you were enrolled at ASU prior to Fall 2013 (Transcript not required if you are newly enrolled at ASU Fall 2013). Forms can be submitted via email to Jesse.Christman@asu.edu, via fax at 480-965-8310 or in person in the Social Science Building Room 227 (Tempe Campus).

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