Current Midshipmen

The Pillars of Development


At Arizona State University, midshipmen are, first and foremost, students. The Sea Devil Battalion values academic aptitude in its Midshipmen and does its best to help them in every way. Midshipmen in the program study many different fields and are always willing to help each other in different subjects; whether it be an engineering course, mathematics project, political science paper, or Chinese assignment, one is guaranteed to find help. Aside from courses required by the university for their major, midshipmen are required to take certain Naval Science Courses as well as a lab each Tuesday to foster development and the comprehension of important military sciences and related fields. Lists of these required courses for different Midshipmen can be found under the documents tab.


As future leaders of sailors and Marines, all midshipmen are expected to be capable of a certain level of physical fitness. Midshipmen participate in organized physical training exercises throughout the week as a battalion, and are also encouraged to utilize other resources to reach that level on their own (outside of organized PT sessions), i.e. the Sun Devil Fitness Center. The SDFC on-campus provides areas for running, swimming, weightlifting, and sports as well as offer numerous health & wellness classes so that all students and midshipmen can achieve their physical fitness goals. Physical training and conditioning is important for all midshipmen as it helps develop healthy habits necessary for a military lifestyle, and gives midshipmen the confidence and ability necessary to lead from the front.


Honor, Courage, and Commitment are the Navy’s core values. These traits will be present if an individual has a favorable moral compass for the United States Armed Forces Officer Corps. The idea of a superior moral compass is explored throughout multiple Navy classes, leadership lab every week, and day to day NROTC activities. Upon commissioning, Ensigns and 2nd Lieutenants are entrusted with a great amount of responsibility over military assets and personnel. A commission is a tremendous amount of responsibility and with that responsibility the possibility of making a devastating decision exists. The Navy and Marine Corps count on their officers to make the right decision, even in the most dire of situations. The moral character of an officer is of utmost importance; as such it is the task of NROTC to represent the Navy and Marine Corps’ best interests in evaluating and developing the moral character of the candidates for commission.


Though midshipmen are expected to maintain good physical and academic standing while in the program, it is understood that midshipmen are also students who should strive to get the most out of their college experience. Joining clubs around campus, involving themselves in the surrounding community through service projects, finding a part-time job, or playing intramural sports are all highly encouraged activities for midshipmen in the program. Assistance for any of these things can be found by talking to an NROTC staff advisor, an ASU Academic advisor, or a fellow senior midshipman who may know the ropes. Being involved in the extra curricular community helps build a more well-rounded individual and helps a midshipman grow professionally in their respective interests.

Entering the Sea Devil Battalion as a midshipman, Officer Candidate, or MECEP, is a life changing experience. New students are instantly surrounded by a group of motivated individuals who all have the same, or similar goals: to graduate from a higher institution of learning and secure a commission as an Ensign or Second Lieutenant in the Navy or Marine Corps. NROTC provides an environment that is sure to help all those interested in achieving this goal by offering mentorship, academic assistance, physical challenges, and avenues for professional development.