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Midshipmen Orientation

New Student Indoctrination

New Student Indoctrination (NSI) is a three-week training course for incoming freshmen held at Recruit Training Command (RTC), Great Lakes in Great Lakes, Illinois. The indoctrination provides a basic, standardized orientation and instruction period to lay the groundwork for both the next four years of NROTC and for your future as Naval and Marine Corps Officers. You will be trained in fundamental maritime warfighting skills, including firefighting, damage control, seamanship & navigation, force protection and watchstanding. You will also learn the basics of being in the military - how to march, salute, wear a uniform and conduct yourself in accordance with the Navy’s Core Values. We will introduce you to ways to not just handle, but perform with distinction under stress. Finally, we will teach you a critical lesson in leadership - learning how to follow.

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation (NSO) is an approximately one-week indoctrination held at Arizona State University’s Tempe Campus. This orientation is not to be confused with NSI which will be held out of state prior to the beginning of NSO. There is only one block of NSO and it will be held the week prior to the start of classes. Early move-in can be arranged through the Dept. of Naval Science, after acceptance to the program. The purpose of NSO is to prepare Freshmen students to join the battalion by indoctrinating them with physical training, academic classes, military customs and courtesies along with much more. More information about NSO will be sent to accepted students in the summer months prior to NSO’s start date.

  • New Student Orientation 2023 will be held August 10, 11, 14 &15, please arrive by 0700 on 10 Augustin the appropriate uniform.
  • Uniform of the day: Business casual, white crew neck t-shirts, black shorts, and running shoes.

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